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Differential Computer EVO X

Think your Mitsubishi Evo Differential Computer has it all? Think again…

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KAPS Transmissions ACD Computer uses the latest generation technology to build the most advanced Active Centre Differential Computer there is on the market today for the Mitsubishi Evolution.

The ACD computer was designed based on data collected from the top drivers of the PWRC. It complies with the FIA regulations for group N and at the same time, facilitates the work of the whole team during races. Long-run tests have proven the ACD computer performs literally as a “weapon” on the race track. It improves traction and enables you to lower your elapsed time by up to 1 sec per kilometre.

Other ACD systems that you plug into your car and drive, do you really know what it is doing?

This computer is not only a tool to control the centre differential. Our system allows you to review all the information recorded directly on your PC! It is important that you understand what the car is doing at any point in time and the ACD Computer is the key to unlocking this vital information.

Lets take a closer look at what the KAPS Transmissions ACD Computer can do.


There are 9 maps included. Tarmac, Gravel and Snow – each being for technical, fast and slippy.

The ACD computer box itself is important as it provides information to the driver and codriver. There are 2 sets of digits on the box that can be easily identified.

The selected map is indicated by the yellow digit from 1 to 9 on the ACD computer or via the ACD indicator light on the dashboard. The red digit display on the ACD computer shows the relevant error code. This assists for quick diagnosis of defects while racing. The vehicle crew can then operatively inform the service team, which can then prepare in advance to the repair the defect.


The recording time of the unit is 72 minutes. Another intelligent feature is that the ACD computer contains automatic activation and deactivation of the Datalogger. It is not a requirement of the crew to remember to think about starting the recorder. The Active Datalogger records the behaviour of individual elements of the ACD system in time and monitors the course of the ACD system control.

In a scenario where an ACD sensor was out of service, the ACD computer is able to recalculate differential lock based upon the remaining active sensors. In a worst case scenario, the ACD Computer is able to operate with just one sensor working.


After completion of the stage, the service crew is able to download the data from the ACD computer to their PC. The software is below.

The top left hand side indicates the main mapping table.

The other tables indicating braking sensors, steering angle, slippage percentage are all calculated to provide the lock to the centre differential.

On the right hand side is the G sensor, foot and park brake, throttle and speed as well as an illustrated representation of the tyre slippage, differential lock and steering angle.

In your analysis, use the time bar at the bottom of the screen to follow the events recorded by the ACD Computer.

The diagnostics tab is the important page for indicating problems. It has all the error codes attributable to the sensors of the ACD Computer. Should any of these be flagged, in combination with the mapping page, you can see at what point in the race problems occurred, replay the moments leading up to the problem and repair the issue. As the KAPS Transmissions ACD Computer has been designed in consultation with the best drivers in Europe, it is meeting the expectations and demands you require.

There are many more features to the Mitsubishi Evolution active centre differential computer that makes this the top product on the market today. Contact us for further information and SHIFT AHEAD OF THE PACK.


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