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Rally Rajd Barborka 2012

KAPS Transmissions enjoyed a very successful day at this years Rally Rajd Barborka. The event is the highlight on Poland´s motorsport calander with live television coverage locally and internationally seen by over 5 million people.

KAPS Transmissions was invited to the event as part of the Automobile Club of Poland to showcase the new Mitsubishi Evo sequential gearbox as well as giving technical demonstrations of gearbox design and assembly to the general public. KAPS was also extremely excited to be presented with a trophy for motorsport engineering.

Some photos from the event below:


1.Kajetan Kajetanowicz / Jarosław Baran Subaru Impreza
2.Tomasz Kuchar / Daniel Dymurski Subaru Impreza + 1,60
3.Luca Rossetti / Matteo Chiarcossi Peugeot 207 +1,92
4.Wojciech Chuchała / Kamil Heller Subaru Impreza +2,05
5.Grzegorz Grzyb / Daniel Siatkowski Skoda Fabia +4,04

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