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Shiftbox Universal Application
Shiftbox Universal Application

Sada zahrnuje

  • The SHIFTBOX ECU is the technically advanced user friendly control center that can be used universally with any transmission and/or paddle shifting kit. It is also the heart for the hydraulic components of the KAPS Transmissions range. There are numerous features that allows you to adapt the components universally through your engine ECU or it can be used as a complete stand alone product. The SHIFTBOX is provided with ECU, software and wiring. Connection to the PC for programming is via USB.

Informace / Výhody

Programmable outputs

  • Engine cutting signal
  • Throttle blip signal
  • Gear lever position voltage
  • Gear sensor voltage

Programmable inputs

  • Gear position sensor
  • Shift lever sensor
  • Paddle shifting
  • Clutch automation
  • Mode change

Další produkty

Specific features

  • Fine tuning the setup of each gear individually on the upshift and on the downshift
  • Adjustment of active and non active components
  • Creation, uploading and saving of maps
  • Change polarity of signals
  • Open and closed loop setups



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