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R4 Evo X ACD computer test

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Jelena Gora – Poland. Prior to the recent rally Rajd Karkonoski 2011, KAPS Transmissions along with Leszek Kuzaj and his new R4 spec Evo X was out on the roads test the upgraded R4 components along with the KAPS Transmissions R4 Evo X ACD Computer.

The R4 Evo X ACD computer is very fast reacting to the changing conditions on the road and greatly aiding the handling of the car. The ACD computer is using all the sensors that are available on the CAN BUS and the software is fully programmable.

Other than the main mapping table, you have the ability to adjust the car to cater for left foot braking, pressure of brake, steering angle, front and rear tyre slippage.

A launch control sequennce is also fully programmable. The R4 Evo X ACD computer comes with maps already installed, along with 0 map between special stages and a 100% differential lock in the case the car has a defect.

The morning of the test day began with the KAPS team installing the R4 Evo X ACD computer and some small engine works by Kuzaj´s team outside the hotel. This gave us the chance to check set up and communication during the 20km drive to the test track. The engine ECU and ACD setup is a MOTEC ECU and KAPS Transmissions ACD computer combination with GEMS dash. The ACD computer is able to function in combination with any ECU.

At the test area, the sun was shining bright after a severe lightning storm the night before and the roads had completely dired out. The surface was crumbling tarmac with many areas of sand covering the road.

With Leszek getting behind the wheel, the tests began. The ACD computer was performing beautifully and the confidence that Leszek had through corners was high and he was able to push the maximum out of the vehicle. His main thoughts were related to the reaction of the car and the grip he was able to achieve, specifically noting to a high speed corner in 5th gear that would be normally taken in fourth.
After work with the ACD computer and mapping was complete, attention also turned to finetuning suspension settings. A few more runs were complete in the afternoon and the test day finished with great results all round.

Since the test, the Rajd Karkonoski 2011 has been completed. Leszek Kuzaj finished in 5th place. A fantastic result being the 1st out of the Evo Xs in the race and about 25 seconds ahead of the next best Evo X R4 spec.



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