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R4 Subaru Sequential Gearbox

13 May 2011

Moravia, Czech Republic


KAPS Transmissions releases R4 Subaru STI Sequential Gearbox! 

The worldwide rally community has been sent abuzz following the news that world renowned gearbox manufacturer KAPS Transmissions, is releasing for sale, its newest R4 Subaru STI Sequential Gearbox.

Following months of development and testing plus continued discussions with FIA representatives and delegates from Subaru STI Japan, the wraps have come off the most anticipated projects in recent history for a subject that has been a hot topic over the past 18 months.

As the racing world changes with the introduction of a new rally class R4 in 2011, KAPS Transmissions was the first to respond with a sequential gearbox that will suit the demands of the category for years to come.

The gearbox also has a wide race appeal outside of rally and is available in a range of different ratios. These ratios are designed specifically to cater for professionals competing in circuit, drag, hill climb, rally cross or even time attack.

With a quickest shift speed of between 40-50 milliseconds, torque rating of 800NM and the weight saving from a standard STI 6 speed gearbox of 10.5 kilos, there is no other gearbox on the market for Subaru to rival those numbers.

Fast facts:

Gearbox type: 6 speed full sequential gearbox
Gear shift layout: R-N-1-2-3-4-5-6-R-N-1-2……
R4 Kit Weight: 29kgs
Total gearbox weight: 76kgs (10.5kilos lighter than a standard 6 speed STI gearbox)
Maximum torque: 800NM
Tooth profile: Straight cut
Shift performance: 40-50milliseconds

Additional information and photos can be found on our website



KAPS TRANSMISSIONS specializes in the production of dog-box kits primarily for rally car manufacturers SUBARU and MITSUBISHI, but produces custom dog kits for other models. The company has been in operation for 20 years and sells to over 35 countries, over 6 continents.

The primary focus of the business for the first decade was rally, and rally specific homologated ratios. KAPS Transmissions has a history of strong results for the past decade in rally achieving podiums in the PWRC championship and throughout all nations championships in Europe. As racing evolves, KAPS Transmissions has also been at the front of the pack for new products. More recently, extending into other forms of racing such as hill climb, time attack, drag, circuit and drifting while maintaining the outstanding performance shown in the final results.

It is a testament to the workmanship and engineering that goes into our products at every step of the production process that has KAPS Transmissions recognised as the leader in dogkit production all over the world.


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